Concept Gardening Blog
by Concept Research, makers of CATWatch

Concept Research has been successfully producing Ultrasonic pest deterrents in Britain for over 20 years. 
Our Ultrasonic pest deterrents rid your property and gardens of Cats, Foxes, Martens, Mice and other nuisance animals.
Our blog will give you information on how to look after your garden and how to attract birds to your garden. 

Our products are inaudible to humans and harmless to all species. 

We are proud to say that our deterrents are the only ones designed and produced in Great Britain.

​Our cat deterrent CATWatch protects birds in your gardens from cats and is the only Ultrasonic cat deterrent approved by the RSPB
​(The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

Our client base in the main is the garden centre market in the UK & Europe. We are always pleased to hear from manufacturers of innovative products seeking an effective sales, marketing and distribution service. 
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